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Champion's new line of Titanium horseshoes is designed to give farriers the simple scientific advantages of our specially fabricated metal. Shoeing with Champion Titanium has delivered consistent results that have improved the health of "trashed" hooves and provided equestrians with the lightweight advantage for enhanced competitive performance.

You may have heard about Titanium Horseshoes. See for yourself some of the benefits that the only real Ti-shoes from Champion can offer you and your clients.

The Health and Performance Benefits of Champion Shoes include:
• Superior durability provides for safety and time saving resets
• Titanium shoes are half the weight of comparable steel shoes
• Titanium's low-weight and flex property work to protect hooves and dissipate shock
• Titanium improves hoof wall strength because it is a biocompatible metal
• The Stronger • Lighter • Faster horseshoe

Farriers working Champion Titanium Shoes have commented:
• Shoes can be reset more frequently to save time on trimmings
• State of the art shoe performance can attract new clients
• Titanium brings new innovation to their shoeing business
• Champion Titanium shoes are Farrier safe when heated
• Forges at lower temperature than steel
• Shoes can be hot fit for optimal placement
• No new blacksmith skills are required
• Clips made easily on the Rider-Ti and Eggbar-Ti styles

Owners of horses wearing Champion Horseshoes have reported:
• Health improvements in texture / strength of hoof walls
• Excellent movement of the horses noted by riders
• Performance potential of horses is improved
• Investment in horses protected at relatively low cost