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 Michael Wharton, CJF, PA
"I placed Champion Titanium Wide Webs on Stormy, who had a poor shelly wall texture. When I returned to trim the hoof in 5 weeks, the hoof condition was superior, with improved strength and firmness. The shoe was in great shape and clearly durable. I reset the same pair of titanium shoes"

Bill Poor (CJF, Calgary World Champion), TX
"I found the Champion Titanium Shoe heats quickly and works with less effort than steel. Toe clips, quarter clips and rocker toes were easy to draw...the shoe placement stays solid from trimming to trimming. I can save time with resetting because of the durability of the shoe. The shoe heats faster and cools off faster so I just use my time a bit differently."

Michael Boylan, Farrier, NY
"In my experience with shoeing Hunter Jumpers I found these Titanium shoes wear longer and stay in place on the hoof. I think Titanium can replace aluminum shoes because they are healthier on the hoof and I can reset them because they"re durable and the nail holes don"t grow between trimmings."

David Augustine, Farrier and Rider, NJ
The 1st place winner of the New Hampshire "2008 Bare Bones" 50-mile Endurance Ride wore Champion Titanium #2 Rider-Ti Wide Web shoes. Troy beat his record from last year (7th place) as well as the course record by 30 minutes. Troy ran 5:10 last year and set a new course record of 4:32 this year. 3rd and 4th place finishers were local horses and were 30-40 minutes behind. "The horse was happy and I"m thrilled with the performance of the Champion shoes."

Jeff Pauley, CJF and Leigh Anne Pauley, Rider, NC
Running in the North Carolina "2008 Biltmore Challenge" 100-mile Endurance Ride, Leigh Anne finished 7th, up from 22nd in last years race. The horse improved his time by 3 hours compared to the same 100 mile race last year in steel shoes. The horse wore Champion Titanium Rider-Ti #0 shoes. USEF has recognized the 100-mile Biltmore Challenge as a Ranking Trial, with a USEF Ground Jury on site.

Don Jaroz (Farrier), MA
A Tufts University School Clinic compared Titanium and aluminum shoes on horses for seven weeks. "The Titanium shoe hoof was noticeably healthier and the shoe stayed where it was nailed. On the other hoof wit a non titanium shoe, the frog had sunk and the heel was growing around the shoe. We reversed the shoe placement and found that titanium now improved the poor hoof condition."

Mike Wildenstein (Farrier), NY
Cornell University tested hooves for the effects from heat generated when horses were run 4 miles day. "Steel shoes raised the foot heat 40 degrees on average and after several months we found the foot was deteriorating because of this baking. Titanium shoe temperature was significantly less than steel.. Titanium shoes lasted longer."

Dr. Chris Pollitt BVSc, Phd, AU
"The shoes show no signs of appreciable wear and the horses performance has improved with several show jumping wins. He seems more confident in his work because his feet are balanced and more comfortable than ever thanks to titanium shoes. From a farrier"s point of view the shoes when heated were easy to shape, did not distort and toe clips were easy to draw. Your Titanium shoes have a bright future for the horses working the rugged terrain of Australia."

John A. Burt (JF), AR
"I tested the Champion Titanium shoes on a Quarter Horse, pleasure horse, Working Quarter Horse and a trail riding gaited saddle horse. On all horses I noticed hoof wall texture improvement.